65 Best Zoo Captions and Quotes

by Sharon E. Moore

Looking for a perfect caption after your visit to Zoo? Every one of us today wants to stay in touch and keep our family and friends updated about what’s going in our life over social media, no matter if it is posting your picture with right caption.

When you think of taking snaps on a zoo and want to post it on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram then you must definitely check out some best Zoo Captions for Instagram and other social media sites. Finding the best kind of quote or caption for your snap is important as a caption helps to describe and express your emotions and thoughts in a better way.

65 Best Zoo Captions and Quotes

Best Zoo Captions And Quotes
Best Zoo Captions And Quotes
  • Every Zoo is a Petting Zoo if You’re Brave Enough.
  • A day out in the wild
  • A Wild And Crazy Place
  • Keep calm and admire the cuteness.
  • The city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo.
  • Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings.
  • One simply cannot play fair and win in a zoo – there are way too many cheetahs.
  • All creatures are great and small
  • Explore the jungle creatures
  • Come On A Safari With Me
  • A day at the zoo is a day well spent.
  • Zoo animals are ambassadors for their cousins in the wild.
  • Nature is to zoos as God is to churches.
  • You cannot trust the predators in the zoo, they are always lion.
  • Animals are born who they are, accept it, and that is that. They live with greater peace than people do.
  • To them, are we the animals?
  • Watch Out Zoo, Here We Come
  • We’re all animals, and these curious creatures will make you roar with laughter.
  • A zoo is a good place to make a spectacle of yourself, as the people around you have creepier, more photogenic things to look at.
  • The only creature on earth whose natural habitat is a zoo is the zookeeper.
  • I applied for the position of a keeper at the zoo but turns out I was not koalafied.
  • Every animal has his or her story.
  • Are you brave enough to be near animal cages?
  • Are We Watching Them or Are They Watching Us?
  • It’s so great to see how our zoo is growing and thriving.
  • All the animals at the zoo were asleep when I visited. I was otterly disappointed.
  • Let us free all the animals in the zoos to show them that we are not animals!
  • Be brave like a lion
  • If humans were once Apes, am I back where I belong?
  • You can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
  • A day at the zoo is a great way to inspire curiosity, compassion, and creativity in kids. Let’s go!
  • Zoos should concentrate more on the preservation side of things.
  • Stop going to the zoos! Don’t take your children to the zoos! No creature ever deserves captivity without any crime!
  • I did not expect such a big animal to come out of a small dwelling. Talk about an elephant of surprise!
  • If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.
Zoo Captions
Zoo Captions
  • Who knew I’d make friends at Zoo
  • Animals don’t hate, and we’re supposed to be better than them.
  • Don’t all these animals look like they’re smiling?
  • If you want to understand how a lion hunts, don’t go to the zoo. Go to the jungle.
  • Thank ewe for being so kind to the animals at the petting zoo.
  • Don’t Listen to Him; He’s Lion.
  • Don’t worry Owl wait.
  • Cages? Are these creatures only to be caged and not freed into the wild where they belong?
  • Our Trip Was ZOO-pendous!
  • Zoo season is here
  • There are no painkillers to be found at the zoo – the parrotsate’emall.
  • Wild Thing:  You Make My Heart Sing
  • The city is not a concrete jungle. It is a human zoo.
  • Don’t these animals deserve shelter, rather than steel bars?
  • Please, Hold Your Appaws
  • Hey, how about a trip to the zoo this weekend? There are actually some serious benefits to hanging out with these little guys.
  • Wild cats have the best teeth in the zoo because they fl-ocelot.
  • Animals are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.
  • Such a collection of exotic birds
  • How many of these animals were tranquilized or chained and shipped before getting to the Zoo?
  • All This Fun is Making My Voice a Little Horse
  • As summer turns to fall, we’re thinking of our favorite season: zoo season!
  • Many hares escaped the zoo, so they sent a search party to comb the area.
  • Animals are born who they are, accept it, and that is that. They live with greater peace than people do.
  • Some animals are in the cages while the real beasts rule the world
  • Are Safari Parks better than Zoos, which at least allow the animals to not stay in one place, in cages?
  • So many wonderful creatures, but no two are alike. What a privilege to spend time with all of them.
  • The alligators’ favorite drink is Gatorade.
  • Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.
  • Just a girl who loves animals

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