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Instagram is an awesome social network media having more than 1 billion active users. Instagram is the platform that opens up ample opportunity to reach out to millions of people from the comfort of your home. Be it a social, economic, or political issue or an issue of human rights, you can raise your voice on a world-wide popular platform. Besides that, it gives you an unprecedented opportunity to promote your business brand.

But while you are creating your Instagram profile, the selection of a unique Instagram username is crucial. Think twice before you finalize username because it represents you and becomes your identity. It happens that when you think that perfect username that suits your personality but Ugh!! It’s already taken.

What if we tell you a simple trick that takes away your pain of choosing a unique and equally interesting username? Yeah! We have an ‘Instagram Username Generator‘. People are widely using this method to come up with an eye-catching username that certainly contributes to the popularity of their profile.

Enter Your Nick Name

What is Instagram Username Generator?

Instagram Username Generator is a tool that gives you the creative and best suggestions for your Instagram handle. It generates usernames for you automatically. So, you don’t have to be super creative to put a unique username on Instagram rather just make use of little technology. This tool uses your First name or nickname to generate a username for you.

How to Use Instagram Name Generator

There are numerous Instagram name generators. Using this Instagram Name Generator is quite simple and easy. It generates 5 random usernames for you. Yes! You will 5 options to choose from. Let us tell you how it works –

  • In the Nickname field, you can enter the name that you are famous for or you want people to call you from.
  • Hit the ‘Generate Username’ button and it will show you 5 unique Usernames.
  • You can keep on pressing the ‘Generate Username’ button and it will keep on generating unique usernames.
  • You can also click on the Random Username button and it will display Random Instagram Usernames.

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Rules for Instagram Username

There are some rules that have to be followed while deciding the Instagram Username. You have to choose a username within the criteria decided by Instagram. The rules for choosing an Instagram Username are –

  • You Username will be shown below the profile photo in bold text.
  • Instagram Username can contain only 30 characters.
  • You can add only letters, numbers, periods, and underscores.
  • You can’t add any type of symbols and punctuation marks.
  • Users are allotted on a first come first serve basis.

Tips for Getting Perfect Instagram Username

Username is crucial because people search you by username in the search field. For choosing a perfect username, we have some tips for you.

  • To raise the visibility of your business profile or personal profile, add some keyword/phrase in the username.
  • Distinguish your Username by adding what your business does or service provides.
  • For business profiles, adopt the same name as your business runs so as to lake it easily recognizable on Instagram.
  • Choosing another name for your business name might confuse the users as to the genuine or fake profile.
  • Read your username after finalizing it because it happens that when we write username in continuation without space, people read them differently. To break the words, you can add underscore.

Some Good Usernames

  • somethingnavy
  • dirtybootsandmessyhair
  • workparty
  • therow
  • creaturesofcomfort
  • babynative
  • girlwithnojob
  • diet_prada
  • drunkbetch
  • havelesstravelmore
  • lusttforlife
  • thebutchersdaughter
  • yourgirlmax
  • thesassyclub
  • moss_angeles
  • doyoutravel
  • weworewhat
  • wherearetheavocados
  • betches
  • iamwellandgood
  • velvetcanyon
  • nitch
  • deadofwrite
  • keen
  • bigsecret

Examples of the Instagram Usernames Generated

Examples of the Instagram Usernames Generated
Examples of the Instagram Usernames Generated
  1. girlwithnohope
  2. lifeoftext
  3. mangoanddingdong
  4. idreamofunysticks
  5. plantifulsoul
And more ...

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