Top 3 Reasons Why Every Student Should Have An Instagram Account

by Sharon E. Moore

Learn about your favorite social network and how it influences the lives of average students who use this media for learning, socializing, or even making some extra cash.

If you could go back in time and make one great business decision that would be inventing some kind of social media website similar to Facebook or Instagram. Not many people have predicted the power or influence of social media and that is why those who did are wealthy billionaires today. Some of them were just college students like Mark Zukerberg, but they knew that one day this new media will be used for sharing free knowledge or information worldwide.

Browsing through your Instagram is very much like distance learning these days and is not just about looking at those cute pictures of your high school sweetheart. Besides socializing or learning interesting stuff, this cool site can be used for many other things like earning some extra cash or developing new skills that you never had a chance to try before.

Top 3 Reasons Why Every Student Should Have An Instagram Account
Top 3 Reasons Why Every Student Should Have An Instagram Account

Enjoying Life On Campus 

Socializing ain’t what it used to be anymore as modern technology changed the way we perceive human interactions and most of our conversing went online. Social media creates different but more interactive dynamics and communication between students in social networks is always engaging and stimulating.

Everyone enjoys exchanging ideas or joining different university groups and Instagram is a perfect way to promote yourself and find some like-minded friends on campus. It is immersive, interactive, and ever-changing with an ability to constantly reinvent yourself or your image as a student. It can also help you find all the help you need with your exams, coursework, essays, or paper assignments.

Many students search for online tutors, crash courses, or online writing service sites to help them prepare for final exams, but social media makes these tasks much more available. As Instagram pages evolve, many specialize in exactly those areas that students need help with, and all professional tutors or essay writing experts have their own pages set for targeting student audiences.

All the help a student needs is just a few clicks away whether he asks could I do my coursework by Edubirdie, or find a tutor for my chemistry exam. It is all out there on Instagram and you can find all this content before or after browsing through your friend’s stories, posted clips, or some latest news from your college campus. Whether you want to study hard or party hard, this social network is where you will find all the info that you need. 

Learning New Skills

Formal education cannot keep up with an online influx of knowledge anymore as renowned experts offer their insight for a free or premium price for everyone interested in learning. Sites like Instagram are becoming an important part of this network of experts, tutors, instructors, or teacher communities that give online classes, lectures, or free advice to the general public.

You can basically learn every new skill that you desire without any previous knowledge by just finding proper accounts that offer various courses for beginners. Students can also use their accounts to upgrade their existing skills like writing, illustrating, coding, or crafting all sorts of things. Thousands of experts provide online classes that you want and they all share their works in their Instagram stories or interactive posts for everyone to see.

Developing An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Following some interesting educational accounts like Nasa Goddard, Subway Book Review, or Tech by Guf will expand your knowledge, but it could also inspire you to try making a name for yourself. If others can do it so can you, especially if you possess certain talents that can be shown to the world. Each student should use his account not only for distance learning but for promoting himself, his image, or his skills like digital photography, make-up artistry, pastry cheffing, or making beautiful tattoos.

Your possibilities are endless as this network provides access to millions of people whom you may redirect to your personal webstore, portfolio website, or another social network profile of your choice. Try becoming an influencer and developing that entrepreneurial spirit as you have nothing to lose but only gain knowledge and possibly make some cash in the process.

The story about Instagram tells us an important lesson about human nature and our insatiable curiosity for knowledge and socializing with our peers. It seems like an average student cannot imagine his life today without having an account on this one and all other social networks. Sites like these contribute immensely to digitalization in education worldwide as even pupils who do not have proper access to education may have proper access to all wonders of Instagram.

As the Internet is becoming a new global school, it inspires students to express their creative ideas on social media accounts thus finding new ways for crowdfunding, influencing, or just making money online. What started as a funny videos website has evolved into something much greater because young people evolved too by using this virtual space to feel free, empowered, and more independent.

About Sharon E. Moore

Sharon E. Moore is an inspirational writer and creator of captions for Instagram. She loves to write about motivation, self-improvement, and success. Her goal is to help others achieve their dreams by providing them with the inspiration they need to keep going.

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