300 Best Summer Captions for Sunny Days

by Sharon E. Moore

Summer is upon us! The season is here for fun and vacations and of course, loads of mangoes! This is the time for an adventure to kick into high gear and experiment sports and vacation places like never before. Forget winter, summer is the season to be joyful! So, throughout summer, whenever you use your social media to share your adventures with the world, do not forget that this is the place to get the best captions!

Funny Summer Captions

Who all are ready for the summer this time around? Summers mean family and road trips and amazing time spent! It is in all the days spent together and the memories shared. Meeting the cousins and friends you have been unable to for the longest time is probably one of the definitive things everyone plans for every summer. Really, hectic lifestyles do not allow us to mingle like before anymore. But that is okay. This time when you go over to enjoy your summer together do not forget to let your other friends know so that they also plan their season with you and make it all the better! Do not forget to use the captions provided under when sharing your posts on social media.

Funny Summer Captions
Funny Summer Captions
  • Tropic like it’s hot!
  • Watch more sunsets than Netflix.
  • Sun, sand and pineapple in hand.
  • I prefer my footprints in the sand than the snow.
  • Summer should get a speeding ticket.
  • Find me under the palms.
  • The beach: where doing absolutely nothing is doing something.
  • Happiness is air-conditioning on a hot summer night.
  • I’m in a flip flop state of mind.
  • Shake your palm palms.
  • A pineapple a day keeps the worries away.
  • Don’t worry, beach happy.
  • I don’t wannna be tide down.
  • Beach bum.
  • Shell-abrate good times.
  • Happy as a clam.
  • Summer is going swimmingly.
  • Getting my daily dose of Vitamin Sea.
  • Stay salty.
  • Anything is popsicle!
  • Life’s a beach.

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Short Summer Captions

What do you think of when you hear the word summer? Friends? Holidays? Family? Mangoes? Vacationing adventures? We are sure it is all of the above.  It is the season for new and fresh things to be popping, for relationships to be growing and so many exciting things to take place. Ah, it just fills one with the immense feeling of nostalgia. This summer, we suggest you post something every time you feel nostalgia or do something new. Every time you do that, do not forget to use these captions to let your world know of your feelings!

Short Summer Captions
Short Summer Captions
  • We mermaid for each other.
  • Shell yeah!
  • Happiest in flip flops.
  • Where there’s a will, there’s a wave.
  • Happiness comes in waves.
  • Life’s wave, catch it.
  • Seas the day.
  • I have resting beach face.
  • Long time, no sea.
  • I can sea clearly now.
  • Ahoy!
  • Girls just wanna have sun.
  • You, me, and the sea.
  • Don’t worry, beach happy.
  • Just hanging with my gull-friends.
  • Namast’ay at the beach.
  • Keepin’ it reel.
  • Beach, please!
  • Tropic like it’s hot.
  • Sun of a beach.
  • Giving in to pier pressure.
  • Feelin’ beachy.
  • A midsummer ice cream.
  • I’m an aquaholic.
  • Keep palm and carry on.

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Summer Captions With Friends

The one thing that has not changed about the season of summer is its connection with friends. We are sure every time the season comes on results in a craving for doing the things that we were always used to doing, including hanging out! This time as you plan your holidays with your friends, even if it for a day or for a week, do not forget to let your world know about it. Go on crazy adventures, experience new things and make this a season to remember!

  • Oh, those summer nights!
  • With you, life’s a beach.
  • These feet were made for flip flops.
  • I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day.
  • Life is better in a bikini.
  • Just blue skies and sunshine.
  • A balanced diet is a glass of rosé in each hand.
  • Vacation mode is on.
  • Someone give summer a speeding ticket.
  • Good morning, sunshine!
  • Sunsets > Netflix
  • Summer lovin’, it happened so fast!
  • Salt water heals all wounds.
  • Summer is a state of mind.
  • You’re my lobster (roll).
  • Pool hair, don’t care.
  • Paradise found.
  • Sunshine is the best medicine.
  • I was made for sunny days.
  • Tomorrow may rain, so today I’ll follow the sun.
  • High tide or low tide, I’ll stay by your side.
  • Campfire > Fireplaces
  • The beach is always a good idea.
  • Look for me under the palms.
  • Eat. Sleep. Beach. Repeat.
  • If you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed.
  • You’re one in a melon.
  • All I need is some A.C.
  • Shake your palm palms.

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Sun Captions For Instagram

Does it not just speak to your heart whenever after the gloom of the winters, the cold and damp season makes way for the energetic and lively season of summers? The way the Sun makes its way to get to its strongest as time passes is just amazing to note. Family and friends are in touch and it’s just joyous all around! If you feel the same way, do not hesitate to use these captions we have selected, in all of your social media!

  • Call me on my shellphone. I’ll be mermaidin’.
  • It’s always summer in my heart and in my soul. — Yellowcard, Always Summer
  • Every summer has its own story. — Puji Eka Lestari
  • Girls just wanna have sun.
  • 19.”Summer is not a season, but a state of mind.”
  • 20.”Let the summer begin.”
  • Love you to the beach and back.
  • I’m a little drunk on you. And high on summertime.” — Luke Bryan, Drunk On You
  • Summer nights and city lights. — A Summer Scene, Summer Nights and City Lights
  • Some of the best memories are made in flip flops. — Kellie Elmore
  • Hello, summer.
  • Take me to the sea. — Shake Shake Go, Take Me to the Sea
  • That summer feeling.
  • Don’t worry, beach happy.
  • I’m multi-slacking today.
  • Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. — Ella Fitzgerald, Summertime
  • “Nothing but high tides and good vibes.”
  • Sunshine is my favorite accessory.
  • Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.
  • Dear Winter, I’m breaking up with you. I think it’s time I start seeing other seasons. Summer is hotter than you.

Summer Captions From Songs

Let us be real here. Most of our fascination for the summer season comes from songs of the old, the ones we either grew up listening to or the ones that are just relatable to the summer season. So of course, what better way to use social media platforms than to post some amazing summer captions from songs this time around whenever you use them? Let your world know of what mood the summers get you in and let them join in on the fun with these captions!

  • I live life like my blood type, B positive -Timeflies, Once In A While
  • Everything is blank until you draw me -Fifth Harmony, Write On Me
  • Give it up for the kids eating good, getting lit -Fifth Harmony, The Life
  • You’re a real-life fantasy -DNCE, Cake By The Ocean
  • Cause I’m hot like hell, does it burn when I’m not there?-Dua Lipa, Hotter Than Hell
  • You know I talk too much, Honey, come put your lips on mine -Coin, Talk Too Much
  • And everybody’s watching her, But she’s looking at you-Calvin Harris Ft. Rihanna, This Is What You Came For
  • See
  • Who’s that sexy thang I see over there? That’s me, standin’ in the mirror-Meghan Trainor, Me Too
  • At night I think about you, Do you still think of me too? -MNEK, At Night (I Think About You
  • We’re born to fly, So let’s keep living till it all falls down -David Guetta Feat. Zara Larsson, This One’s For You
  • Cause I got that sunshine in my pocket, Got that good song in my feet- Justin Timberlake, Can’t Stop The Feelin’
  • Let’s light up like the moon, Yeah, we’re taking off, make it even brighter -Lost Kings
  • I keep it 100 like I’m running a fever -Drake, Views
  • I got champagne problems, champagne problems,
  • so pour a glass and let’s drink up all my champagne problems -Meghan Trainor, Champagne Problems
  • Ain’t it funny how the best days of my life, was all that wasted time-Keith Urban, Wasted Time
  • Let’s live our life, tomorrow doesn’t always come. Don’t try to hide, let’s have some fun. -DJ Cassidy Ft. Nile Rodgers, Alex Newell, & Jess Glynne, Kill The Lights
  • Aye I’m just feeling my vibe right now, I’m feeling myself – Designer, Panda
  • It’s a prison inside my mind -Terror Jr, 3 Strikes
  • I do my hair toss, check my nails, Baby how you feelin’? (feelin’ good as hell) -Lizzo, Good As Hell
  • Neverland is home to lost boys like me, And lost boys like me are free -Ruth B, Lost Boy

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