Best Deadpool Quotes That Will Make You Laugh So Hard

by Sharon E. Moore

So you’re looking for Deadpool quotes? Well, if you’re here through any redirection, let me tell you that Deadpool is Hollywood Movie and an American X Men series. Deadpool is in focus due to its rib-tickling one-liner punches that one can’t just resist laughing out loud. Undoubtedly, Ryan Reynolds, The Deadpool, has done one of his best performances. On these grounds, Deadpool quotes are quite popular and trending these days.

Deadpool quotes are super loved by all due to its hilarious and witty sense. Be it your Instagram or Facebook account, you can add these funny and love Deadpool quotes anywhere to spice to your posts.

Funny Deadpool Quotes

Those who want some fun out of the boring and sucking life, then you can try out these funny Deadpool quotes. These are so funny just as “Never underestimate the stupidity of idiots” that you can’t resist jumping out of your seat due to laughing.

Famous Deadpool Quotes
Famous Deadpool Quotes
  • “You can’t buy love, but you can rent it for three minutes!”
  •  “Okay guys, I only have twelve bullets, so you’re all going to have to share!”
  • “I didn’t just get the cure to el cancer, I got the cure to el everything.”
  • “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret!”
  • “You look familiar, did I spin you like a beanie propeller and leave you in a motel room in Dubuque?”
  • “Sorry, I use humor to deflect my insecurities. Plus, I’m hilarious, so don’t hate.”
  • “Yeah. That is a gun in my pants. But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to see you…”
  •  “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret!”
  • You can’t buy love, but you can rent it for three minutes!”
  • “Okay guys, I only have twelve bullets, so you’re all going to have to share!”

Deadpool Quotes About Life

  • I personally believe those who are funniest, they are deep philosophical somewhere.
  • Nothing could be deeper than life to understand that you can put your whole life to know what’s life! We have hand-picked some thoughtful Deadpool quotes that made you have a serious thought about life.
  • WAIT! You may be wondering why the red suit. Well, that’s so bad guys don’t see me bleed.
  • Whatever they did to me made me totally indestructible… and completely unfuckable.
  • Life is an endless series of train-wrecks with only brief, commercial-like breaks of happiness.
  • Today was about as much fun as a sandpaper dildo.
  • you don’t need to be a superhero to get the girl, the right girl will bring out the hero in you.
  • I do not hate everything about the world. Just every show they’ve ever put on after ‘Friends’.
  • Ajax: “Do you have an off switch?”

Deadpool Quotes Love

We all love and want to be loved. Reading some love quotes helps you to explore this feeling even more. We have some Deadpool love quotes here that relive your memories of Ryan Reynolds from the movie whom we usually imagine joking. Deadpool love quotes, for sure, works when you try it on your girlfriend. 

Funny Deadpool Quotes
Funny Deadpool Quotes
  • “What’s a nice place like you doing in a girl like this?”
  • “If your left leg is Thanksgiving and your right leg is Christmas, can I visit you between the holidays?”
  • “Your crazy matches my crazy. Big time.”
  • Wade: “We’re like two jigsaw pieces-weird curvy edges.” Vanessa: “Put them together and you can see the picture on top.”
  • Wade: “What if I held on and never let go?” Vanessa: “Ride a bitch’s back like Yoda on Luke?”
  • “I just want to get to know the real you. Not the short, 2-dimensional sex object peddled by Hollywood.”
  • “I swear to God, I’m gonna find you in the next life, and I’m gonna boombox Careless Whisper outside your window. Wham!”
  • “Love is a beautiful thing. When you find it, the whole world smells like a daffodil daydream.”
  • “You don’t need to be a superhero to get the girl. The right girl will bring out the hero in you.”
  • “The worst part about cancer isn’t what it does to you. But what it does to the people you love. Who knew if this guy could save my life, but I knew there was only one way I could save hers.”

Best Deadpool 2 Quotes

Deadpool 2 stands up to viewers’ expectations and has raised the bar set by Deadpool. No Deadpool lover can ever forget those hysterically funny one-liners. Every alternate scene makes you laugh. Overall, Deadpool 2 is just another awesome piece in this series. This is the reason that we are making the list of popular Deadpool 2 quotes from the movie that you will surely enjoy!

  • ‘You killed Black Tom, you racist son of a bitch!’
  • ‘Dubstep is for pussies!’
  • ‘It’s so dark! Are you sure you’re not from the DC Universe?’
  • ‘Can you speak up? It’s hard to hear you with that pity dick in your mouth.’

Deadpool Quotes From The Movie

Have you seen Deadpool Movie? If not, then beware of the spoilers here! Well, Deadpool is, of course, a great movie for all types of viewers. It has all the spices of humor, action, romance, and fun. Under the Fox banner, Ryan Reynolds becomes the most favorite superhero character of all in the twentieth century. There are some dialogues of him from the movie, that you can quote anywhere for fun and inspiration both. Some of the quotes from Deadpool movie are really appreciable that you can’t get out of it soon.

  • “There’s no easy way to say this… I’m pregnant, Trevor!”
  • “Oh, hello there! I bet you’re wondering, why the red suit? Well, that’s so bad guys can’t see me bleed!”

Famous Deadpool Quotes

Deadpool is the most famous movie and comic character of this era and so as the dialogues and quotes from the movie. If you are a diehard fan of Deadpool and Reynalds, wait no more to try these famous Deadpool quotes posting on your social media and catch everyone’s attention out there. These awesome and famous Deadpool quotes push the level of motivation and inspiration when you feel low. You can also take it as a mood changer. Don’t miss the chance.

  • I don’t want to go to Mexico for treatment. Do you know what the Spanish word is for cancer? El cancer
  • I didn’t ask to be super, and I’m no hero. But when you find out your worst enemy is after your best girl, the time has come to be a fucking superhero.

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